All Smooth Leather Waterproofing and Conditioning Formula

Our Boot Rub is a reconditioning and waterproofing formula and it will bring life back to your leather.
We use no chemicals, only natural ingredients.  There has never been (and never will be) any animal testing of our product.

It finishes deep, rich, and supple; with the appearance of well moisturized skin. It has a low sheen.
If you choose to have a higher gloss to your boots, allow the boot rub to fully dry, and then buff out
the shoes with a a soft bristle brush!

Boot Scrub is a cold pressed Saddle Soap, created with the same ingredients as Boot Rub, with a 10% super fat!
Boot Scrub leaves behind 10% of its emollients to start the reconditioning before the reconditioner!
The $5 Price is per-ounce.  Most bars of Boot Scrub weigh between 2.4 and 3oz.

Click on the following pictures to see the boots' and shoes' before and after pictures, much closer--

Just Look at
What Our Boot Rub Can Do!!

Some saddle soap and a bit of black polish at the toes of this pair, but everywhere else only Boot Rub was used

This pair of curly toes was simply cleaned with a damp cloth and then Boot Rub was applied!

Before & After comparison:
The left half:  Boot Rub
the right: 9 years of hanging in a basement with no attention!

The finished coat.

We were entrusted with this pair of Handmade Faire Boots, and the owner was astounded at the difference! Shoes and boots, we suggest two-week intervals for application. 
They look like new!

Cowboy boots are a favorite in Texas. We used a bit of brown polish to refresh the shoe of the boot, but the upper, and its pretty stitching, only has our Boot Rub!

Another pair of amazing
Handmade Faire Boots!

Since there is no petroleum in Boot Rub, there is no need to worry about it disintegrating the fine detail and the threads used in the stitching of handmade boots or shoes.

Take a good look-
(click to see them larger)

We have used
Boot Rub
& Boot Scrub
on all types of leather:

Deer Skin, Cow Hide, Ostrich,
Snake, Buffalo Hide, Alligator,
and other exotics.


And on all kinds of apparel:

Leather Purses, Hats,
Vests, Bodices, Leather Coats,
and of course,
Shoes and Boots!
I think this is my all time favorite transformation! Nothing but our Boot Rub
to make this pair of Birkenstocks look practically new again!

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Boot Rub is $10 per 2oz tin
Boot Scrub is $5 per ounce (2.4-3oz bars)
(Shipping is $6 additional regular mail or $8 Priority Mail)
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The feel of leather after a treatment with
is truly amazing.

It reconditions the leather, right through
to the suede on the back of the skin.

It's the Lanolin!
"Lanolin is what keeps sheep
from cracking!"


Just rub some Boot Rub into your smooth leather with your thumbs and fingertips.  If you are applying it to larger apparel, put a small amount of the Boot Rub into the palm of your hand and slowly rub both hands together until it has fully melted.  Then, massage it into the leather using your palms.  This makes the application faster and more even.


It is fine to wear shoes or boots immediately after applying the Boot Rub, but you may want to allow garments to fully dry to avoid a transfer of the oils onto your furniture or other clothing.  We recommend hanging the article of clothing, or accessory in a sunny window, or over a heat vent during colder months.  It may take up to three days for the Boot Rub to feel fully dry and smooth to the touch.

Boot Rub Makes Your Leather Look and Feel Like Skin!

Please note: The thicker coating you apply to your leather, the longer it may take to cure/dry. If desired, once your leather has fully dried, you can follow up with a soft bristly polishing brush to achieve a low-luster sheen.

Well Maintained Leather Lasts Longer!

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Check back for more testimonials -
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Check back for more testimonials -
Coming soon!

All Natural

Rubbed into your leather,
Boot Rub will not change the integrity of the leather,
it will simply bring its condition back to what it is
supposed to be.

You know when someone says,
"Oh my God! My skin feels like leather!"
That's bad!

But, when you can say,
"Oh my God!  My leather feels like skin!!"
That's good!!!

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